Natural Nails Treatment for Hands

Signature Manicure........$18
        This Manicure includes cuticle trimming followed by a moisturizing lotion and hand massage. This is complete with a polish of your choice.

Vogue Spa Mani..........$23
        This relaxing treatment which will ivigorate and revitalize your hands in a citrus scent followed  by a hand softening treatment. We will then exfoliate with a rich blend of crystalline product enriched with vitamin E, removing all your lifeless skins. Adding a massage with a creamy moisturizer which helps defend against and restore elasticity to the skin. Followed by polish of your choice.

Luxurious Mani..........$28
        Let us enrich your hands with our top spa manicure. This is a true spa experience. In addition to our Vogue Spa Mani, we dip your hands in warm paraffin wax. Then we apply a masque and hands are wrapped in warm towels to open your pores and seal in moisture. Your skin will be left radiant and smooth. Followed by your choice of polish.